Emmie Liebregts (1996) approaches being an artist as a changing position in which space can be created for doubt, to meet another and make an attempt to understand them. Common topics are security, personal space, discomfort and finding ways to share experiences. In her work she orders and questions the outcomes that emerge in conversations and refers to the unstable and changing human condition. Anything so unstable could use a little support, but nothing seems more awkward than admitting you need support, or worse, asking for it. The objects seem to have embraced the discomfort and long for (re)action of care in their form, materiality and context.


2020 BA Fine Arts
St.Joost school of art and design, Breda

          2022   ︎︎︎ This carpet is made for lyin’ down          
          2021    ︎︎︎ Write like nobody is listening
                      ︎︎︎ Wishful thinking
                      ︎︎︎ Thuis (home)
                      ︎︎︎ Residency: Witte Rook        
                      ︎︎︎ Where are you going?
                      ︎︎︎ Sleeping Dogs
                           Clean up your shit ︎︎︎
          2020  ︎︎︎ The departed doubter
                           The doubter ︎︎︎
                      ︎︎︎ The eggs and their caretakers
                      ︎︎︎ The dummy in different poses
          2019   ︎︎︎ Coincide
          2018   ︎︎︎ Self shell