Zundert (NL)

Collaborative project with Fenna Koot
Chapter I, Stretch and fold
During a two month resicency at VanGoghAiR, Atelier de Moeren
Zundert, Netherlands 

nov-dec 2023

In November 2023 Fenna Koot and I started a research project that focuses on the mental and physical influences from a structured living environment. During Van Gogh Artist in Residence, (NL) we worked by a self-imposed structure which consisted of tight living routines.
The starting point was a letter Van Gogh wrote about his time in a psychiatric institution in Saint Remy de Provence. The core of the therapy was the activation of the gut and thus the perception of feelings. During the residency we lived up to Vincent van Gogh's daily routine including hydrotherapy (hot-cold baths), taking long walks, eating self made bread and soup at set times and by isolating ourselves from the social world. We explore the boundaries between work and private life and how they can be reconsidered. During the work period document and share the process through video, audio and sculptures. 

During the last month of the residency period we exchanged notes, data and other pieces in the gallery space ‘Ecker Gallery’ during the exhibition: Can you live my space?  Curated by Cristina Materassi and organised by Witte Rook

password for video: fold

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