Time and place (worktitle)


Collaborative project with Fenna Koot
Chapter III, time and place 
During a three month resicency at Goethe Institute, Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto, Japan
may-june-july 2024

During the 3 months at the Goethe Institute in Kyoto we focus on how physical and mental space become intertwined. Our work consists of 'doing' by which we mean: analyzing and noting spatial and bodily experiences, collecting the historical knowledge about the architecture and certain rituals and customs within the living space, and getting to know the premises contemporary researchers and artists work in. We document and take notes in many forms, through drawings, through video and sound, through exchange in workshops (which we receive from others, but also give) and, as in our previous residencies, we work in a self-designed/made work outfit.

We believe we have to embody our mindset, so when we work we always wear a selfmade working suit that fits the occasion. Just like our previous residencies we will continue the research project in these self made outfits that give the things we do a performative character and helps us to recognise what is work and what is leisure within this research that is all about ways of living/being on site. The zip-off pants are not only convient during the many different activities in wich we partake, but also serves as a canvas on wich be document our experiences by embroiding, dying and so forth.

Using our own body not only as a form of expression but rather as an entity of knowledge has been tool within our work. The challenge is always how do we share all of these experiences and knowledge we gained? A rural based initiative invited us to a rice planting day, we talked about how production system affects daily life and your connection to the environment beyond yourself. We have met a dancer that focuses on 'contact improvisation'. We feel like 'contact improvisation' is a way of sharing embodied knowledge. Together with the dancer we organized a workshop in contact dance at the Goethe institute.

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