A human-like figure sits on a bench, at the height of where the ear could be located is a letterbox with the text: write as if no one is listening. I can assure you that no one will ever read what is written.

The work was made in commission of
Wijck-Zoetermeer and
Platform Voor Eenzaamheid

          2022   ︎︎︎ This carpet is made for lyin’ down          
          2021    ︎︎︎ Write like nobody is listening
                      ︎︎︎ Wishful thinking
                      ︎︎︎ Thuis (home)
                      ︎︎︎ Residency: Witte Rook        
                      ︎︎︎ Where are you going?
                      ︎︎︎ Sleeping Dogs
                           Clean up your shit ︎︎︎
          2020  ︎︎︎ The departed doubter
                           The doubter ︎︎︎
                      ︎︎︎ The eggs and their caretakers
                      ︎︎︎ The dummy in different poses
          2019   ︎︎︎ Coincide
          2018   ︎︎︎ Self shell